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Oneshot: ‘In The Language of Flowers’


Rated: T

Summary:‘Red Chrysanthemums. They mean ‘love’ or ‘I love.’ Rachel Berry stumbles into a florist shop, searching for the perfect gift for her Fathers’ anniversary. She meets Quinn Fabray, the part-time worker, who will change her life and the way she looks at flowers forever. AU

A response to one of two prompts I chose to write.  This one is for my tumblr friend dispiritedaway who prompted “Quinn works at a flower shop and Rachel really likes buying people flowers. She’s really into the meanings of flowers as well, so when she initially goes to said shop she’s asking Quinn about the meanings of all of them. The first set of flowers are for her fathers for their anniversary, second are for her teacher, etc. etc. play this how you will. She starts going to the shop more frequently, buying more and more flowers just to talk to Quinn, and eventually she runs out of people to buy flowers for. Naturally Quinn falls for Rachel, because she’s adorable and ecstatic and perfect, and the last set of flowers have to be gardenias.

Quinn will obviously be disappointed and try to hide it because she has a crush on Rachel (I’m sure you know the meaning of the gardenia being in the Faberry fandom)

but then they end up being for her :P’

So this is for you, dispiritedaway, and I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think :).

I hope you guys enjoy it.