Hey, I'm Az

I watch way too many TV shows and I am a multi-shipper in training. Also a huge dork and proud of it. I suffer from chronic wanderlust. Sometimes I feel like I can't stay still because I just want to see and experience so many things. I believe in love and forgiveness. And I am a work in progress, so please forgive me for any offense made. .

This is my beautiful lady. She's also my wife. And I love her so very much. 

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# I don’t remember where we were #But someone asked Az to spell her name #And she kept saying ‘a zed’ and the guy COULD NOT understand her #Like could not comprehend it at all or use context clues #And Az just kept saying zed like that man was a total dumbass #So finally I had to say ‘a zee’ and the jackass got it

It was in Starbucks, baby. I remember. And then when the coffee was ready, they thought it was a 2 and not a Z.

So I’ve decided my name ordering coffee will always be Bob.