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Ok but one thing I really want is the reunion scene for Skye and Melinda

Guys, May never said goodbye to Skye, all she had was Ward telling her that Melinda left. Then, she goes off to find Agent Koenig murdered by Ward. It’s not an unreasonable jump to assume the same thing about May, because guys, Skye probably thinks May is dead. 

Just let that sink in for a bit. She doesn’t realize what we all know, that Ward didn’t try to go after her because she became a non-threat by leaving. Skye is smart, her specialty is finding patterns and analyzing data to leap to the best conclusion and Hydra already shot her and Ward is Hydra so if he could let that happen to her, then May might already be dead.

Skye is so used to everyone leaving her, the longest relationships she has ever had, other than Myles and this team, has lasted up to three months and when trying to figure out who she wanted to be like she chose Melinda and I just want to see that conversation, when Melinda realizes she might have a reason to be there other than for Coulson because there are these junior agents who look up to her and with Ward’s betrayal are going to need her more than ever and for Skye to realize that Melinda is alive and that sometimes, people come back

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Let’s be honest for a second, one of the few reasons fans don’t want Pyka to happen is because they still have a strong desire that Bering and Wells is going to happen or at least they could imagine it when the show ends. Without Pyka being end game it’ll be easier.

Pete was always interested in Myka and not just physically but emotionally too. You can see it. As for Myka, I have a strong belief that she never wanted to be involved with another work partner because of her history with Sam. She’s probably afraid.

Reasons Why I Don’t Want Pete and Myka in a Romantic Relationship:

 1) The show didn’t set it up as a romance. Right away, Pete’s immaturity is treated as an honest to god annoyance of Myka’s. The show actually lets her be annoyed too, understands and supports why she’s annoyed and never tries to tell her she’s wrong. Most shows don’t do this. A lot of shows, especially ones looking to set-up a will-they/won’t-they relationship, will try to frame the immaturity as some cute personality quirk that Myka just doesn’t understand yet. But Warehouse 13 simply uses it as one of the conflicts Pete and Myka must overcome in order to work together. The show forces them both to come to a middle ground in order to get along, and then it does that over and over and over again. The only thing that changes over time is it gets easier for Myka and Pete to find that middle ground because they know each other better. Myka doesn’t magically start finding his immaturity cute one day like in so many romantic set-ups.

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Steve/Rachel (IT'S BEEN SO LONG; again, you don't have to do them all, I'm apparently in an options giving mood): Basorexia, Apodyopis, Baisemain


Basorexia: an overwhelming desire to kiss

Steve knows it’s wrong.

Rachel has been incredibly kind to him. The hours they’ve spent on her couch the last few weeks watching movies that span the decades he was on ice have been some of the happiest since he woke up. Rachel is a friend, a real friend, and those are hard to come by in this world. He doesn’t even need all his fingers and toes to count the ones he’s had.

But then, Rachel’s affection is that rarest kind of all, because she’s one of those people who met him and just… liked him. For no reason. Who’s stuck by him and is interested in him and wants to be around him, just for the sake of his company.

The only other people he can think of like that? Bucky, Dr. Erskine and Peggy.

Which: he was in love with two of them, and all of them are dead, and that doesn’t spell out very good odds for Rachel Berry. Even now, when she isn’t doing anything more dangerous than applying nail polish to her toes as they watch Grease.

(He kinds of hates it. Grease. First of all, he’d expected a movie about Greece, so the singing greasers kind of threw him off, but… Danny is a horrible person, there isn’t anything romantic about this movie. The only person he likes is Frenchie.) And this ritual of theirs, the films and the popcorn and the spaces between her cushions, it’s hard enough when the movies absorb him and he’s utterly distracted. But he’s barely paying attention to the screen now, because Danny Zuko is the worst, so all of him is wrapped up in the way he can smell her perfume, even under the sharp, chemical scent of the lacquer, and he wants to kiss her as badly as he’s ever wanted anything.

"Okay, done," she says, returning the brush to the bottle. "Now you can look."

It’s cute, how she thinks he hasn’t been peeking this whole time, but he has to admit the the full effect was worth the wait. Her big toe’s been painted with a replica of his shield; the others just have bars of red, white and blue. Something in his chest wrenches and pulls, and he takes a second to swallow it down.

Then he grins at her. “Did you get me confused with Captain France?”


"That’s the Tricolour."

"They’re American colors!"

"They’re lots of people’s colors. England, Russia, France, the Netherlands…"

Rachel bats him on the arm. “You’re so ungrateful! See if I ever do any nice gestures for you ever again.”

(She googles it, later, and notes that “even North Korea has a red, white and blue flag, and it even has a circled star on it.”)

(She calls him Captain Terrorism for three days.)

(He still wants to kiss her.)